Customer expectations for receiving medical direction through LifeLine physicians group.


Each facility obtaining an automated external defibrillator for use ontheir property, must, by federal law, have a physicians name on file with thedefibrillator seller and manufacturer as the physician authorizing theplacement of the defibrillator in the facility. Due to the liability of thephysician having his or her name as the authorizing medical doctor,requirements must be met on a continuing basis by the facility that owns thedefibrillator. Those requirements are as follows:


1.    A facility employee orrepresentative must check the status of each defibrillator on site, simply byobserving the LCD system status screen on the defibrillator each day thefacility is in operation and contact LifeLine or the manufacturer if there areany problem indicators lit on the screen. The facility designee understands howto observe and verify that the AED is functioning properly via the unitindicators and will check regularly the battery condition. The facilitydesignee must also check the expiration date of the electrodes at least once amonth, and obtain new electrodes from LifeLine one month prior to expirationdate of old electrodes.

2.    In the event of a defibrillatorbeing used to treat a victim, the facility must fill out an event summary sheetand notify LifeLine immediately so LifeLine response staff and/or the MedicalDirector may do a review of the event and provide assistance for getting aworking device on location as soon as possible.

3.    The facility must create andmaintain an “emergency policies and procedures” manual which includes use ofthe AED, which the Medical Director will review and approve on a yearly basis.The AED standing orders from LifeLine may be used as this form.

4.    The facility must comply withtraining requirements imposed by the FDA, State(s) of deployment, theauthorizing curriculum vendor, and the LifeLine physicians group. All annual training documentation must beprovided to the LifeLine training manager.

5.    The facility representative must maintain the online maintenance program through LifeLine.

6.     Standing orderswill be posted at OSHA required EmployeeInformation Board or by the AED.


Failure to do these requirements will result in the loss of medicalprescription, standing ordersand oversight through LifeLine.

I have read and understood the above requirements for receiving medicaldirection through a LifeLine, Inc. Physician, and will implementthe below standingorders and understand the prescription is void if the requirements of the medicaloversight program are not fulfilled.

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