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LifeLine can help you keep your safety equipment and training up to date and compliant with Federal, State and local requirements.
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What We Are All About

Our motto at LifeLine is simple; Helping People. But "Helping People" is more than just our motto, it is a commitment to help people and businesses be ready in an emergency situation. Life is so important, so whether you need an AED, medical supplies, or emergency medical training for your organization or business, we are here to help you.

Emergency Response Solutions

No two medical emergencies are alike. In fact, you may go your entire professional career without encountering one significant emergency. But in the event you are not so fortunate, how will you respond? How will your team respond? If professional rescuers are not there within the first few minutes, do you have the skills necessary to help save a life? Let LifeLine's skilled and experienced emergency medical personnel teach you and your team those critical life saving skills that could someday help save a life - possibly your own.

Comprehensive Service

LifeLine gives you access to a comprehensive list of safety products and services to be ready in almost any emergency. Whether you’re starting your emergency-response program or revamping an existing program, LifeLine is your one-stop solution center. With access to the world’s best technology and a network of experienced safety professionals, LifeLine can help you implement a successful program at a single site or nation-wide.

Compliance - Oversight

Prescriptions from physicians, standing orders, logs of batteries, pads, updates and the ever-changing list of trained personnel; the list goes on and on. Safety specialists have a multitude of products and procedures that must be kept in proper order and little time to add in another. Add on various federal, state and local ordinances, the task of correct and complete implementation can seem overwhelming. Let LifeLine simplify your life, organize your documentation and put it all in an easy-to-use online portal, available 24/7/365.

Certified Training

Safety training is an integral part of any emergency response program. LifeLine has certified trainers that will come to your location on your schedule with all the training materials needed. Some of the most common classes we teach are First-Aid, AED and the Blood Borne Pathogen classes. Proper documentation along with accuracy and access are all parts of a properly trained community. The training you provide is an investment in your people and your company – LifeLine will help you do it right.

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We are here to help. Don't just pick any product, choose the product that best fits your environment and budget. We have knowledgeable staff that are ready to assist and answer your questions, so give us a call or drop and us an email. We are here to help you.

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